Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to add another NIC card to nested esxi host... ;)

Some people might find this post funny but the fact is I was in the impression like to add another network card to my nested esxi hosts I will have to connect another physical NIC to my Lab machine. Earlier I had edited esxi VM setting and added another NIC card to esxi VM but was unable find it when checking via vSphere client so i thought, to add another NIC I will have to connect another NIC to my Lab machine first.

Today I was looking for a supported cheap NIC card online but couldn't find one so approached one of my vExpert blogger friend Anjani Yadav for suggestion and when he said you don't need a second physical NIC card in order add another NIC to your nested lab hosts, simply edit the esxi VMs and add another NICs for VM settings, I sad already did with no luck the second thing he said....after adding the new NIC did you enable it from DCUI....then my impression was opsssssssss I missed this step ;)

Anyways here are the steps to add one or more network cards to your nested Lab Esxi hosts.....
  • First edit the esxi vm and add one or more NICs,
  • Now login to Esxi DCUI and Select Configure Management Network => Network Adaptors

here you will find your just added NIC cards, what you do here is, just enable them

and click Enter to save.

Then Esc, Y.

Now using vSphere client login to you vC or directly to esxi host => Configuration, select Network Adapters and you will find your newly added Network Card available here.

As you are seeing here, its in standby,

Go to Properties, NIC teaming

Select the standby NIC and click Move up....

Update: As pointed out by Roshan Jha sir, alternatively we can do the same form vC itself.

To do so, Select the esxi host where you have already added the Network Card => Configuration=> Networking => Go to Properties of vSwitch

Now select Network Adapters and click Add,

On next screen you will find newly added NICs,

Select the newly added Network Cards from here and click Next........then one or more other clicks and you are done :)

Finally I can brush up myself on vDS that I couldn't do earlier due to my wrong assumption of physical Network Card... :P

Thats it..... :)

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