Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to reset HP iLO over ssh or remotely

Lately I faced this issue, where I was unable to login to iLO of one of my HP ProLiant server instead there was a ssh connection related error on login page.

I had seen this error during the iLO firmware upgrade in past but not any other time.

As I did upgrade this ProLiant server’s Firmware/Drivers last day using the latest HP Service Pack forProLiant (aka HP SPP) so, it had the latest iLO firmware ver 2.55 installed and I was sure everything was working as expected post SPP upgrade.

We tried few things to resolve the issue and eventually resting the iLO fixed the issue, as iLO web login was not available so we had to reset it via command line by connecting to iLO over ssh.

You would be able to access iLO over ssh only if you didn’t disable it during the initial iLO configuration (By default iLO ssh access is enabled).

The steps to reset the HP iLO over ssh are follows:-
  1. Open Putty (or any other ssh client) and connect to the iLO controller using its IP address or FQDN
  2. Login with iLO administrator credentails (or an account with equivalent rights)
  3. Once connected to iLO, issue the following command:
   cd /map1

Press Enter
  1. Then type

Press Enter

Command and its output would be something like this on CLI:

hpiLO-> cd /map1


hpiLO-> reset


Resetting iLO.

CLI session stopped

The iLO controller will begin to reset itself. Resetting the controller fixes a lot of hung-up and freezes issues on the interface.

Note: In case of any issue, HPE always recommends upgrading the firmware on the iLO controller as the first thing and as it doesn’t require reboots or downtime so can be done anytime.

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  1. i have same issue , the Ilo port is down at that time we changed the cable.

    but ilo port is pinging but unable to login through web interface