Thursday, October 22, 2015

Remote connection failed with the error, outdated entry in the DNS cache

Last day I came across an issue where an user was not able to take remote of a windows VM using the server name however he was able to take remote of it using IP. He was getting an outdated DNS entry related error when taking RDP using server name, 

In first look it looks like a local dns cache related error so cleared the dns cache of his system by running ipconfig /flushdns and tried to connect again but end up with same error. Then I tried to connect to affected server from my system but as earlier got the login screen and after entering my credential as soon as I hit enter, end up with the same “…..This could be caused by an outdated entry in the DNS cache….” Error. Then I tried to login using the IP address of the server and was able to login without any issue.
After some investigation I noticed the affected system's time is different than the DC means not in sync with DC/DNS server so I restarted the Window Time Service and ask the user to try to login and this time user was able to login without any issue.

One can start the windows service either from services manager (Run => services.msc) or from command prompt. To restart the windows service from cmd run below commands.

net stop w32time
net start w32time 

Once the Windows time service would restart system  will sync the time with DC again and you will be able to login using server name.

Note: this issue is related to Windows time sync with DC so I'm sure it's not specific/limited to VM. 

That's It... :)

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