Monday, July 18, 2016

HP ProLiant G8/G9 Servers, firmware bug: the BIOS has corrupted hw-PMU resources

Last week while installing ESXi 6.x on HP ProLiant G9 server, initially I selected intelligent provisioning and during POST I came across this error message, "[Firmware Bug]: The BIOS Has Corrupted Hw-PMU Resources.
Note: Even with normal install, you may see this error during POST.

Initially I thought there is some issue with firmware so tried to update the firmware using latest HP SPP but found everything already up-to-date. When checked with HP support about this issue, they said it’s a known issue and can be safely ignored.

As per them, BIOS has corrupted Hw-PMU” error is of no concern and is only the Linux kernel noticing some performance counter registers in the processor had been initialized.

And as listed on this blog,

It is just an informational message. The system is reserving performance counters for system management and the kernel wants to own all the performance counters regardless. You can disable the ProLiant management features if you really want to stop the message. Other than printing the message during boot, there isn’t any negative impact on the system or performance.

As a way around onecan avoid this error msg by disabling the option of Processor Power and Utilization Monitoring in BIOS (enabled by default) but please keep in mind, disabling this would also disable some iLO/CPU monitoring/reporting features (for detail check here, page 10).

To disable Processor Power and Utilization Monitoring in BIOS do the following,

During POST, press F9 to enter BIOS => press CTRL+A (Service Option is hidden by default) => select “Service Options” => Processor Power and Utilization Monitoring and disable it
Now press F10 to save and exit and then reboot the server.

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  1. Hi Thank you for the useful update on this error but in my case when I'm pressing clt + A its not showing anything. what should i be doing next please help

    1. You are supposed to press CTRL + A once inside BIOS...once you would press CTRL + A, “Service Options” would be there in the list of options..thanks