Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fixing the error "vMotion is not enabled on the host of the Virtual Machine"

This is first time when I saw such error on a production host, which I know have everything properly configured (I mean, identical vmkernel port with vMotion enabled) and moreover vMotion was working for for this VMhost before.

When I saw this error at first, thought someone probably disabled vMotion inadvertently however on cross-checking found everything correct.

So, this is something happening due to probably some kind of technical glitch and to fix this we either need to reboot the host or simply disable/re-enable the vMotion in vmkernel port properties.

You can disable/re-enable the vMotion by editing respective vmkernel port but make sure you give it a few minutes before re-enabling.

That’s it…. 😊


  1. Hi, I have the very same issue (and workaround, even scripted with PowerCLI) and just posted it on VMware forum:

    1. I my case once fixed then the issue issue never returned back...