Wednesday, October 17, 2018

VMware Update manager connection / plug-in error and how to fix it

Recently for some reason we had to remove and then re-join our VMware update manager server to domain (here you might have a question, why but that’s a different story), once the server re-joined then when tried to connect to our vCenter server, got following pop-up,

Note: this is vCenter 6.0

We tried to enable the Update manager plug-in but no avail.

And when checked from the Web client and tried to connect to Update manager got the following similar error message.

So, here it seems like domain re-join of VMware update manager broke the link between the Update Manager and vCenter and now the question is how we would fix that.

To fix these errors, we need to re-validate the VMware Update manager configurations and to do that,
  • First Stop the VMware Update manager Service, then
  • Go to Update Manager installation directory, C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager
  • Now find and open the vci-integrity.xml file and look for the “<vpxdLocation>” tag and verify the vCenter connection URL / IP detail.

In my case, here my vCenter IP is mentioned correctly but not the port detail, notice the use of http/https.
  • Change the port number mentioned here to 80 and now the URL should look like,

Now Start the VMware Update Manager Service

Now you should be able to enable the VUM plug-in in #C client/access the VMware Update manager from the web client.

That’s it… 😊


  1. Tried this on ESXi 6.5 and it worked. Thanks.
    The directory is C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager

    1. About the directory, thats because of 32 vs 64-bit version of installer.

      Anyways good to know that it helped.