Sunday, June 30, 2024

Azure backup | Staging storage account not visible during restore

Recently, I got this query from one of the team members working on a VM restore task using Azure Backup encountered an issue. He was unable to find the available storage accounts for staging location selection despite there being a storage account in the subscription.

I had come across this issue earlier and was aware about the cause however couldn't recall at that moment so spent some time looking into the documentation and when found thought of making a note as who knows about the next time😉or let's hope Microsoft will remove this limitation😊

You can see the same behavior in the following related screenshots,

As you can see, I have three storage accounts in my test subscription, where one is in another region, and out of the other two one is having Standard_ZRS SKU.

During restore, as you can see the storage account having ZRS sku is not available for selection.

BTW if you click on the info icon in front of the "Staging Location" option, it will show you the related hint as follows😄

Reference:  Azure Backup Restore documentation.

That's all for today, thanks...

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