Saturday, January 16, 2016

ESXi host stuck "in progress" when exiting maintenance mode

This was first time when I came across such issue where exit from maintenance mode was taking a long time and appearing like stuck on 15% (waited for at least 20 minutes). To see whats going on the host, connected to the host using Putty and checked the maintenance status of host using the vim-cmd command,
#vim-cmd hostsvc/hostsummary |grep inMaintenceMode  
And I was amazed to see the output, it was clearly showing the host has exited from maintenance mode while from GUI it was still showing in progress.
Then I thought vSphere client might not refreshed the task status so closed the connection and then reconnected to vC again. This time there was some progress, but still it was taking too long to Exit from maintenance mode.

Whenever we see this kind of unusual issues , we look at restart of host management agents. 
I have bad experience in past with restarting all the agents at once using restart (it takes a long time to complete), so prefer to restart host and vCenter agents individually using below commands,

#/etc/init.d/hostd restart
#/etc/init.d/vpxa restart

Now coming back to the point, this fixed the issue however the host was showing like the HA agent didn’t installed correctly so again I put the host back in to the maintenance mode and once the task completed, exited from maintenance and this time there was no issue.

That’s it… :)

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