Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Free Android app to check configuration maximum of different vSphere versions etc.

vMaxGuide is an Android application (it’s a new free fling application by VMware Labs) which provides the maximum supported configurations of the following vSphere versions:
  • vSphere 5.5
  • vSphere 5.1
  • vSphere 5.1
vSphere 6.0 which doubles many of the numbers, will get added pretty soon I’m sure.

vMaxGuide also provides a comparative view of components across the three versions of vSphere along with the comparison of virtual Hardware versions of Virtual Machines.
Users can swipe between the different platforms displayed and select the component of interest. The app also provides a message to the user on certain components, marked by [*], which requires certain condition to reach the maximum supported configuration.
This app is certainly handy when you need to quickly check which version of vSphere has support for certain amount of RAM, CPUs or Disk size etc..

Get your copy here at VMware Labs website.
Thanks to Selva Muthukumaran and Guruprakash Kashyap for this handy app.... :)

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