Thursday, September 3, 2015

Newly built VM and network connectivity issue

Today I came across a very strange issue where a newly built MS Server 2012 virtual machine was dropping network connectivity. This VM was build using MS server 2012 R2 Standard ISO instead of our regular template so after VM creation we installed VMware tools, rebooted and then configured IP address on it. Initially it was showing network connectivity so enabled RDP, disabled firewall and then tried to take this machine on remote but couldn't connect and when I tried to ping, it was not reachable.

Then I logged in to the VM via console and noticed the NIC was showing limited connectivity so I checked the IP configuration, everything was ok. In order to troubleshoot the issue I removed the IP and selected DHCP and then again gave the same IP, VM came in network for few seconds the again limited connectivity. Initially I thought the problem is with the VM NIC so removed the old vNIC and then added a new VMXNET3 vNIC from VM settings (how funny, I did that like its a physical host/network card) but still had the same issue.

So what's the issue here, initially I didn't check the VMware tools as this was a newly build server and I had already installed VMware Tools on it but later on after wasting around 30 minutes I find out somehow VMware tools got corrupted (as e1000 vNIC had no connectivity issue that means issue was with VMXNET3 driver and it comes with VMware Tools) so by repairing the tools installation I was able to fix this network connectivity issue.

After VMware Tools repair VM didn't prompt for reboot and as soon as tools repair completed, VM network connectivity restored.

That’s it…. :)

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