Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Open VM console error: The VMRC console has disconnected...attempting to reconnect

This was second time when I came across this issue where I was not able to open the VM console, when tried to open VM console, end up with an error i.e, "The VMRC console has disconnected... attempting to reconnect"

And again it took me some time to figure out the issue so thought of writing a post about this issue.

This is nothing but just a local vSphere clients issue(might be an application like antivirus is blocking application functionality) and in order to fix it you just need to kill the vSphere client related services. Open Task manager and look for any vmware-vmrc.exe process(es), Select it, right click and now select Kill Process Tree.

Once you have killed all VMware vSphere client related process ((vmware-vmrc.exe/vmware-remotemks.exe/vpxclient.exe), Now open up the vSphere Client, console should now work.

A reboot of VMware vSphere client system will also fix the issue but that's not possible every time as one might have some other applications running on this host but if above doesn't work then you will have to give this a try or you may also upgrade/reinstall the vSphere Client.

Reference: kb# 20504702032016

That's it... :)


  1. Hi Noor,

    1.do we need to open task manger in problematic VM and kill the process in Prb VM
    2.Do we need to open Task manager in VM where Vclient got installed.
    3. VM1(This is My VM and Vclient installed to manage Vcenter) VM2 is Prb VM. How both will related one and another.

  2. ..I think its mentioned there, you need to do this on vSphere Client system....There is nothing to do with target VM, the issue is only on vSphere Client machine...hope this would help

  3. How to remove Distributed Switch from VMware Clustered environment, without downtime

    1. Create port groups using standard switch with same name what you have in distributed switch and reconfigure each VM with standard port group..you may observe 2 to 3 packet drops during this activity.. Once changed, you can go ahead remove distributed switch