Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Windows 7 VM auto suspend issue- reason and fix

Last day one of my colleague built a new VM with Windows 7 guest OS and after some time he noticed, once he logged off from this VM, its being automatically suspended after some time.
As he couldn't figure out the issue so asked me to take a look at this newly created VM to figure out why its being suspended automatically every now and then. When I checked, found the VM in suspended state, when taken a look at related task & events from vSphere client, couldn’t find anything in tasks however found suspend events under event tab.

However I couldn’t find any specific reason for this auto suspend from VMware end, then I logged in on to the Guest windows 7 OS  to check from inside the VM and started digging  System event logs and came across this,
Here it clearly mentioned, system was entered in sleep mode because it was ideal… what’s now…. Here we need to check from inside the guest, if the power plan for the Windows 7 is set to move the system to sleep if system is ideal for a specified time.

Now go to power options, Control Panel => Power Options => Click on Change when the computer sleeps
as you can see  here, this VM was set to enter in sleep mode if the system is ideal for 15 minutes.

Now what we need to do is,  set "Put the computer to sleep" to "Never" and you are done.

Note: I believe the same will be applicable for Windows 8 or any other client OS VM too.

This power plan setting is something that's by default set to never on server operating systems and that is why we never faced such issue with Server VMs.

That's it... :)

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