Thursday, August 4, 2016

Intermittent network connectivity issue with a Physical server having physically disconnected NICs in NIC Team

Last week I came across this issue where a physical server was losing network connectivity every now and then.

When checked, found this Windows 2012 server having four network cards but out of four only two were connected to network and for other two NICs, network cable was unplugged.

When checked the network teaming properties,

Server manger => Local Server =>from right side console, NIC Teaming and click on enabled => now under Team, select your NIC Team and go to its properties

Here as you can see,  disconnected NIC cards were also part of “NIC Team” so we suspect due to this the dynamic load balancing is having issues and so the server having Intermittent network connectivity problem.

We removed the disconnected NIC cards from NIC Teaming (just uncheck and click ok) and from then to till now didn't hear back any network connectivity issue for this server. 

Please share your thoughts in comment area if thinks otherwise and have any other solution. 

That's it... :)

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