Monday, August 22, 2016

vCenter 6 : Inventory search failed with the error, login to query service failed

We recently upgraded to vCenter 6.0 and today when I tried to search for virtual machines with the vSphere Client 6, the search failed with this error,

*I didn't see this behavior when checked via Web Client.

Initially I thought, its due to some DNS issue however when checked, was able to ping the vCenter server with its FQDN.

On further checking, came across VMware KB# 2143566, which is about the exact same issue.

As per this KB,

This is an expected behavior.

Searching for Inventory objects when logged in to the vSphere Client using the Use Windows session credentials option is not supported.

To work around this issue, log in to the vSphere Client by manually entering the login credentials.

Note: Using the same vSphere 6 client, I didn't see any issue when connected to vCenter 5.5 so this is something expected with vSphere 6.0.

That’s it… :)

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