Sunday, October 2, 2016

Getting error while trying to add a new virtual disk to VM

I have seen this error couple of time and every time it takes me some time to recall the cause, so thought of making a note of this very basic thing that one need to remember when adding a new drive to a VM.

You might have came across this error while trying to add a new drive (Thin or Thick Lazy zeroed) to a Virtual Machine,

VMware ESX cannot open the virtual disk "/vmfs/volumes......vmdk" for cludtering. Verify that the virtual disk was created using the thick option.......

This error is nothing but you have a RDM drive attached to VM in Physical mode and newly added drive is trying to use the same drive controller.

Only Thick Provisioned Eager Zeroed drives can be added to a disk controller having physical mode RDM attached. Here to add a Thin or Thick Provisioned Lazy Zeroed dive, either we need use any other existing non physical mode disk controller or add a new one .

That's it... :)

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