Saturday, December 24, 2016

VMware Product Walkthroughs site - self-paced demos with screenshots

I am not sure how many of us aware of VMware Feature Walkthrough Site, I personally found it very useful as its a great resource for stepping through a self-paced demo of a particular VMware product or feature.

This site ( provides great technical overviews and step-by-step guidance for installing, configuring and managing VMware solutions. The content here has some great info including product demos which help to explain what a given product does and what it offers. .

Currently following VMware Solutions are listed here,

vSphere 6
vSphere 6.5
vSphere with Operations Management
vRealize Suite
vRealize Network Insight
Virtual SAN
vCenter Site Recovery Manager
vCloud Air
VMware Integrated OpenStack

Each walkthrough includes screen shots with relevant steps highlighted and text explaining the process.

That's it... :)

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