Sunday, December 29, 2019

AmazonS3Exception: Access Denied errors and potential causes

In last one month have seen this or related S3 access issues couple of times where either unable to upload a file to S3, unable to save S3 inventory report to another bucket or run an Athena query getting data from S3 and every time it took me some time to figure out the cause of the issue.
So, thought of writing this post to make a note of this for future reference.

Whenever we face any S3 access related issues, an obvious reason could be IAM or bucket policies where you don't have the desired access assigned.

Here are my two cents or to troubleshoot this issue:
  • First check the AWS IAM permissions, in order to perform any S3 action you should have the required policy defined
  • If desired IAM policy is there then check for the target bucket policy
  • If the above two are fine then check for the access to S3 encryption key
  • If the above three are fine then check for the AWS KMS key policy, as that need to be there for key access

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In case there are any other scenario, which i'm missing then you're welcome to share and discuss the same in comment section.

That's it... :) 

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