Sunday, December 15, 2019

PowerCLI script to get HBA firmware and driver version for all ESXi hosts

This is a follow-up post on one of my earlier post, How to check FC hba driver & firmware version on ESXi host.

We can use the following PS script to find and list HBA firmware and driver versions for all ESXi hosts in a given Cluster.

You may need to change the HBA provider as one of the following per the hardware attached.
For Emulex hba : lpfc
Brocade hba : bfa
Qlogic hba : qlnativefc or qla*

$HBAList = @()

# Start Loop to run command against all hosts in the Staging Cluster

foreach ($vmhost in ((get-cluster Cluster_Name)| get-vmhost))

# Pipe the Get-esxcli cmdlet into the $esxcli variable

$esxcli = $vmhost | get-esxcli

# I used this to gather the VMHost Name for the exported CSV file

$VMHostName = $vmhost.Name

# This is the ESXCLI command I ran to get the Driver Version out of the ESXCLI System Module Get DCUI Shell

$HBAList += $esxcli.system.module.get("lpfc") | Select-object @{N="VMHostName";E={$VMHostName}}, Module, Version

# Results are compiled and exported to a CSV file

$HBAList | export-csv -path E:\ben\vmware\HBA_info.csv -notypeinformation

Referance: VMTN

That's it... :)

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